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The Boxerdoodles, I expect, will have the same traits as the
Goldendoodles and  will be low to no dander, low to no shedding,  
and tend to be allergy friendly.   They will be between 40 and 50lbs at
maturity and are GREAT for families, service and therapy dogs!    
Boxerdoodles(standards) are $1200
(deposit of $400)
MINI Boxerdoodles are $1800
(deposit of $600)
Here is some great information
regarding the boxerdoodle for
anyone thinking of adding this
special breed to their family.
The Boxerdoodle is a hybrid breed that is
developed by breeding a Boxer with a Poodle.
This breeds appearance is a combination of
both of its parents. Since both parents have
distinct features, these usually stand out in
the breed. The coat is usually luxurious. It may
have many curls or just long wavy fur. This
breed is usually a combination of the standard
Poodle, so the body is usually strong and well
built. The head is average in size with a short
muzzle and vague stop. Its neck is typically
average in length and well muscled. It extends
to its shoulders, which are slightly sloping.
The back should be level. The limbs are
strong. The front legs should stand straight
while the back legs are well angled.

The temperament of the Boxerdoodle is based
on the general temperament of its parents. In
general, this breed should be an easy-going
family companion. It gets along with everyone
in its family and enjoys being around its family.
While it can have a mind of its own, it is
usually very responsive to training. It is an
effective watchdog.  It exists peacefully with
other dogs and pets.

Height and Weight
The Boxerdoodles height varies from 10-25
inches. The breed can weigh as few as 12
pounds and as much as 70 pounds.  Mine are
expected to be between 40 and 50lbs.  Mini's
between 25 and 35lbs.

The Boxerdoodle is a crossbreed. These types
of dogs are not associated with genetic health

Ideal Living Conditions
The Boxerdoodle is a breed that can live
indoors or outdoors. However, this breed is
actually more suitable for indoor living. It will
remain active indoors and enjoys being close
to its family.

The Boxerdoodle should receive daily
opportunities for exercise. This is especially
true since the breed is more suitable for
indoor living conditions, where it will remain

Life Expectancy
The average life expectancy of the
Boxerdoodle isn't known exactly. Mixed
breeds tend to live longer than pure breed
since they are not typically associated with
genetic disorders.

Litter Size
The average litter of size of the Boxerdoodle
will vary since it is a hybrid breed. It may have
as few as 2 and as many as 10 puppies.

A luxurious coat is typical of the Boxerdoodle.
The amount of grooming required for this
breed varies. Brushing or combing the coat
may be necessary on a daily or weekly basis
depending on the coat texture. At the very
minimum the coat should be brushed on a
regular basis.  Keeping the ears clean and
free of bacteria is recommended.  Breeding
will also determine the texture of the coats.

The origin of the Boxerdoodle is uncertain.

Other than a pet, the boxerdoodle may very
well be used as a service dog, search and
rescue or therapy.  Since they have poodle in
them possibly hunting or retrieving.

The Boxerdoodle is generally a rich brown
color. The breed may also have a coat of
chestnut, fawn, or mahogany.  As you can see
other colors are also attainable, as white with
splashes of black markings.

This is the boxerdoodle,
Gustav, and a friend
goldendoodle compliments
of Annielie.
This is the boxerdoodle,
Gustav, compliments of
Above and below are examples of some boxerdoodle puppies and a
couple of adults I found on the internet and Gustav(one in snow)
compliments of Annielie.  
**I will be docking the tails and dewclaws on mine
I hope to have assorted colors in this litter but don't expect them to be
large as Gustav because my male is only 38-40lbs and Layla is only
These are NOT from my dogs just examples.

Here is the email from Gustav's mom:

I saw you were going to breed boxerdoodles, I have one, his name is Gustav
and is 70lbs. His temperament is a boxer with his playfulness and energy. It's
the best mix, and they are cute! He is from a brindle boxer mom and black
standard poodle dad. Figured maybe you wanted some pictures to show, there
is none online of an adult boxerdoodle. He has a wavy non-shedding coat but
I keep it short for convenience."
This is Rocky, a boxerdoodle at 5 mos.
compliments of Jill.  Isn't he CUTE!
Jill says "needs very little grooming
and really doesn't shed"
Layla, relaxing in "HER" recliner!
Dad to Standard boxerdoodles
Dusty, standard poodle
Mom to
Cynthia was nice
enough to let me post
pictures of her
beloved "Maggie" to
show everyone how
boxerdoodle is!
Layla, relaxing in "HER" recliner!
Myah, sharing it with her................
Quite by accident I ran across your website and felt I had to write.  
Our childhood family dog was a Boxerdoodle although we always called her
a Poobox.  She was the result of a tryst between a Poodle bitch and a
Boxer somewhere in NY city.  The owner of the Poodle was mortified that
the event had occurred and actually took her Poodle to the family farm
in rural Connecticut to have her illegitimate litter of 12 puppies.  But
it was 1960 and the very idea that her fancy pure bred dog should shame
the family with such an event was just too much.  The owner was happy to
give away each puppy as quickly as she could and I can honestly say we
were among the luckiest people to receive a female puppy from that
litter.  I was 3 years old then.  We couldn't have asked for a better
family pet.  Spot was smart, athletic and even turned out to be
protective of our home.  She would run alongside our bicycles when we
rode and I even saw her clear a 4 foot fence to "visit" and then exit
the yard just as easily.  She traveled with us from the Everglades of FL
to Montreal to California camping all along the way.  She traveled up
the TN river with us on our boat, and  every weekend at the lake camp
site.  Oh, and she didn't shed.  Her hair was soft and wavy.  We kept
clipped most like a Poodle with her muzzle shaved close most of the time
because it was neater.  She died of kidney failure in 1975.  She was a
great combination of breeds to create a great family pet
Spot's Story, A Tribute ......
A tribute to Maggie ....
Courtesy of Barbara
I have a couple of tributes listed of
Boxerdoodle owners on this page.  
Feel free to read and admire this
wonderful BREED!  They are
"Maggie" and "Spot"
Dad to MINI Boxerdoodles